Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Emmanuel musuem

On Friday me and my class went on a trip to the museum to learn about the dinosaur fossil went on the bus to get there.

My favourite one was when we did roly-poly down the hill after I had my turn I stood and it felt like the world spinning around.

My other favourite part was when we went into the tree to look at the orang-utan When I went up the stairs donk my head on the window because I thought I could go in.
At lunchtime me and my friend was playing touch it was very fun because some of the kid’s were to hard to catch

At the end of the day I was very tired and I had a really had a good time and it was fun that I got very excited at the end.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Emmanuel Tyrannosaurus

85 million year ago there lived a
furious dinosaur called Tyrannosaurus it lived in the  

It was the king of the dinosaur.It was deadly predator it lived in the forest to hunt other dinosaur it ruled all the dinosaur.

The Tyrannosaurus-Rex  was  a carnivore because it ate other dinosaur it had teeth like a banana.It’s tail had muscle.

Tyrannosaur has big jaw it can eat 50 pounds of meat it has two thick leg’s its bone is hollow so it can run very a velo

A tyrannosaurus Rex can smell very dwell it can smell from his nose to it’s brain it even has good eyesight because it can smell far away.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Emmanuel Athletic

On Friday me and my whole school went to athletics I was burning because it was like a sun burning down.My First favourite one was the high jump because it was very fun I made it over three high one but  I didn't make it over two. You have to jump over the pole but if you hit your leg’s on the pole and it fell down then you fail.

My second favourite course was the discuss because I can throw it far as  I came second because when I had a second turn and  Made it out.This is what you have to do you have to swing  your hand and  then it fly away and you have to flick your hand’s

My third course was the javelin because  you have to jump and throw it up in the air then it will go flying like a bird.I came first and  came second and Kurtas came third.So this is what you have to do first you have to get a javelin the you  have to go to the gate then you run and throw it in the air.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Emmanuel Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday morning we went on the bus to Sylvia Park to the Hoyt's Because had to watch our manaiakalani.

My favourite item was Manaiakalani Man because it is very funny when he downloaded his video game then suddenly all the internet was off.

My second was the journey Ruapotaka school because  it is  very funny because the school  keep changing kid’s.

But my third favourite manaiakalani item was Law and Order because the police was very funny

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Emmanuel alarmclock


Emmanuel assembly

Walking into the hall we heard Mr Burt shouting out  numbers with a booming voice. He gave  rugby balls for five dollars and the toys for five dollars to.Mr Burt pretend to be a auctioneer. All of the pt England  kids were at the assembly to learn the word of the year.

Next team one had to show there video about  shopping then did a chocolate scramble.Next team two asked stuff about ice cream.But my favourite item was team five because mr barks was acting like a women with a baby monkey.

Next team one had to show there video about  shopping then did a chocolate scramble.Next team two asked stuff about ice cream.But my favourite item was team five because mr barks was acting like a women with a baby monkey.

I thought assembly was very cool because I got a chocolate and all the item was awesome and very amazing for me I was very happy.

Emmanuel Ankylosaurus

A  Ankylosaurus  is stiff lizard.It is a Herbivore because it eat’s lots of plants or they will die because they don't eat that much food.

A  Ankylosaurus is a very strong dinosaur because it is hard to kill because it is very strong.It has a slash hammer the slash hammer is very strong it can kill any dinosaur.

If a predator come to eat the Ankylosaurus the  Ankylosaurus use it’s slash hammer tail to hit it’s predator with it’s tail.It has a spiky armer to protect it’s back.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Emmanuel volleyball

Today me and my class went to volleyball.We had to remember to bend your knee and you have to put your hand down low and dig.

We had to spread our finger tip on the ball we had to try and make triangles with our hand to pass the ball we had to chuck the ball at your partner.

We played a game and this is how you play the it you have to get in groups of three people  one of them have to stand in the front and two people have to throw the ball at the chair then you get points

After we finished we our practice and our game we  had to remember what learned for today kiwi sport.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Emmanuel writting samle

Today on a beautiful day me and my class went to athletic to do some jumping today  we had only three interesting  task the hopper the hopsicall and the gumboot I felt so excited about the task.

My favourite task was the hopsicall because it was very fun we had to go under and we had to skip one time then we had to hop in the hula hoop it was amazing too.

It was so fun but the hardest one was hoping in the hula hoop because I did not know which one to hop in first but the easiest won was when you had skip.

I was  so tired  going under and skipping. I had a stitch on my hip so I had a deep breath then one of my team came and tagged me so I had to go over  the  hopsicall  again  it was so exiting.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Emmanuel non stop cricket

On thursday class Eleven and Twelve went to non stop cricket.Mr Moran and some of room twelve set up the non stop cricket.Then we had to get out of class.

When we got out of class it was very cold some kids were getting freeze so we had to play non stop cricket first class Eleven was batting and class Twelve was fielding.

It was so fun that we were so hot after class Eleven was batting it was class Twelve turn to bat and it was their turn to field.I hit the ball with all my power it slid across the field

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Emmanuel cross country

At school it was cross country.It was a bountiful day.First it was the year one boy’s up to the year eight when it was the year four boy’s turn to run I got nervous because there lots of boy’s tun.

When Mr Burt blew the horn we ran. But there was no older kids to lead the way because we had to follow where the teacher was standing it was very long and I was gasping for breath.I had rest then I ran again.When  I got to the end I was very tired.

Then we had to go and sit down then I was watching the other kid’s run.It was a very hot day but I had a lots of fun running with the kid’s on cross country .At the end at the day my heart was beating and my leg’s was tired.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Emmanuel fire fighter

Fire fighter           
When  a fire fighter goes and they see a fire it is very challenging.They have to be very brave and strong to hold the water hose.Sometimes they save cats from the trees people from dog.They have to train very hard.To go in the burning house or they will die.

What Do Fire fighters Do?
Sometimes they see people stuck in the car so the fire fighter breaks through the car and gets the people out of it.

What DO Fire fighters Wear.
Protecting clothing to keep himself  safe and they wear gloves to take out the burning wood and case there are sharp nails.

As a fire fighter you need to be  hard working.Brave and able to work in a team.  You have to work as a team because you can save people together but if you don't work as a team then others may not survive.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Emmanuel fireman Davaid

On Friday fireman David came to teach us all about the job of being a Fire fighter.

Fire fighters need tools and equipment to do their job properly.The fire truck is like a truck tool box because it has lots of tools on the back.They use a cutter to cut through a car with trapped people in it.  He told us that you have to be strong to hold the hose because it is powerful 
Fireman David explained to us about their training. The  hardest training  is going in the  rat maze because it is very hard and hot.You have to fell the way you are going because if you don't fell where you are going and if you fall of the edge's then you cant be a fire fighter you are out

Fireman David said that if he is going in the burning house he Isn't scared but if someone is not breathing in the house then that is his scared because they are going to die.

To be a fire fighter you need to be fit and strong. Fireman David said that if he is not strong and fit then he will die because he would get stuck in the burning house and he will never get out because is not fit and strong that is  why you have to be fit.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Emmanuel police

If I wanted a job I would choose a policeofficer  because I would want to save people from robbers and give the children back to their  parents. You would need to be strong because if you're not strong then that means you will get from bad guys.
The clothes you would wear Is I would have to wear is a hat and a suit. They also need a gun and a baton to hit some bad guys.  iIf they waste all of the bullets then they can use the baton to whack the robber and put them in jail. A baton has be a hard bat.

If they want to be a police you have to be smart and brainy and they have to show them how smart you are. You also have to know how to drive a car. And you even need a license to drive a car but if you don't that  means  you can’t be a policeofficer. You have to be a good person if you want to be a police officer.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Emmanuel Kiwi Sport Coach


A kiwi sport coach is a teacher who teaches kids how to
learn a sport. And they teach kids how to balance and some kiwi sport coach how to escape from the fox.
They teach kids how to jump high and they teach kids how to stretch longer and run with bend legs and when they run they can't look at the person next to you or you will stumble to the ground.

they need a hula hoop a skipping rope and a basketball.They wear a cap and  they wear any kind of clothes some times they wear uniform like there at school.

they have to be smart and brainy to become a kiwi sport coach  and they have to learn the kids how to become a sport person and you have to show your skill.And they have to be fit and strong.

kind to the kids and they have to be fun to the kids and they need to learn how to be a sport and you have to be very patient if the kid's very fast.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Emmanuel Mr Burt

Where? Pt England
How long? For over 20 years

What does his job involve/What does he do?
he teach kids lots of stuff he gives a good speech. he talks to kids nicely he look smart
he should be a good be a good leader.

What equipment does a principal need?
he needs a laptop pencil and a nice chair to sit on and he needs to wear handsome clothes if he comes to school.

What characteristics does a principal need/(What sort of person do you need to be?)
Be smart and responsible for the kids needs to be good care and use good words to the teacher.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Emmanuel matariki

On matariki day it is are important event for NZ and for matariki new year.People fly kites and have feasts. Tawhiri mate the god of the wind was sad because his brother separated his mother and father so he hurled out his eyes and threw it in the sky then his eyes became the seven stars.Early in the morning at the north east it is hozan.People do dancing and singing to celebrate matariki and visitors come and meet you.At night time people make lots and lots of noise.When it is very dark lots of  family shot fire works and rides on a hot air balloon.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Emmanuel light house

On a treacherous headland there was an old stone lighthouse. It was a starless night and the light on the lighthouse was rotating. In a cosy cottage there were drunk people having a party. The lighthouse keeper was doing his work but he was annoyed by the cheering so he shut the window. Suddenly he heard a clanking noise came and the light turned of.Then a anusul clanking noise came and it plunged into darkness.The keeper went with his lantern to see what was wrong with the wheels but nothing wrong so he got his tools and went to the top of the lighthouse then he went to the enormous lamp.Suddenly he heard a blast of the ship coming dangerously close then the keeper was panicking so he lifted it precariously suddenly stumbled and the lamp shattered in shiny pieces.He was very sad but then he had an idea he ran down stairs to the door then he saw the villages  coming with lanterns and then they filled the lighthouse with the lanterns finely the boat turned lift.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Emmanuel the switch

Strolling along a man was licking his fingers. he was feeling
content because he had a yummy lunch he had a Bruce on his head.

But he saw a dot on his tie.Out of no where a box came and hit his

with a mighty kick he kicked the box.Then he saw lots of
white box's.

And he saw a silver  box.Then he tried to push the silver box but
it didn't move

So he climbed up on a cliff and no pantheist he  jumped  but he missed. then he saw a button throwing caution to the wind he pressed the button and it sucked up his body

Friday, 15 May 2015

Emmanuel marshmallow monster

On a cloudy starless night a small little lonely boy was sitting on a long log by himself.

Suddenly  Jimmy heard a noise then he turned around and saw a slimy  green monster

Trying to defend  himself Jimmy held a marshmallow on a stick out straight like a weapon. Suddenly the monster transformed into a performing dog and ate the marshmallow. The monster did dog  tricks to get more marshmallows.

Then Jimmy went searching in the bag for a marshmallow but there was only one more.Jimmy pulled out the last marshmallow then the monster slurped up the last marshmallow and Jimmy's hand.

The monster waited expectantly for another marshmallow but there was no more than the monster reverted to a monster then Jimmy ran away but he fell on the ground.

But luckily he grabbed the pillow but the monster transformed to the marshmallow monster and then the boy threw the pillow and ran to the woods. The monster went to the fire but the pillow got burned then the monster got sad.

the End

Friday, 1 May 2015

Emmanuel Anzac day

The sky was pitch black with thousands of people coming to the dawn parade.We go to the parade to remember the people who died for us.People stood silently with respect.There were old solder at the dawn parade.

Emmanuel school picnic

On Friday the whole school went to the sunny beach for a picnic.When we were at the beach we had to sit on grass for Mr Burt to tell us the rules

The thing I  Liked about the beach was the slippery slimy gluey clay.The clay was very.

My second favourite thing was volleyball. And cricket.

I was happy


The sky was pitch black with thousands of people coming to the dawn parade. People stood silently with respect.There were old solder at the dawn parade.We go to the parade to remember the people who died for us.

Monday, 23 March 2015


On  Monday we went to Motat. At Motat it was very cool the best thing I like about Motat was the maze. When I was in the maze I got lost.The maze has mirrors .When I was walking  in the maze i got hit by one of the mirrors. When I finished going to the maze I went to the old phones.The phone were very dum because I couldn't here anyone.

Criteria for an Effective Paragraph
Par 1
Par 2
Par 3
Par 4
Par 5
⚈ Start with a topic sentence.

⚈ Have at least 2-3 connected sentences.

⚈ Have sentences that are effective that
  1. have varied beginnings

    b.  have juicy vocab e.g action/describing  words

    (c) grammatically correct

  (d) punctuated correctly.

(Think of 1 or 2 things that you need to to focus on next time, to make sure your paragraphs are effective.)
Next time I  need to have varied and juicy vocab