Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Emmanuel police

If I wanted a job I would choose a policeofficer  because I would want to save people from robbers and give the children back to their  parents. You would need to be strong because if you're not strong then that means you will get from bad guys.
The clothes you would wear Is I would have to wear is a hat and a suit. They also need a gun and a baton to hit some bad guys.  iIf they waste all of the bullets then they can use the baton to whack the robber and put them in jail. A baton has be a hard bat.

If they want to be a police you have to be smart and brainy and they have to show them how smart you are. You also have to know how to drive a car. And you even need a license to drive a car but if you don't that  means  you can’t be a policeofficer. You have to be a good person if you want to be a police officer.

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