Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Emmanuel musuem

On Friday me and my class went on a trip to the museum to learn about the dinosaur fossil went on the bus to get there.

My favourite one was when we did roly-poly down the hill after I had my turn I stood and it felt like the world spinning around.

My other favourite part was when we went into the tree to look at the orang-utan When I went up the stairs donk my head on the window because I thought I could go in.
At lunchtime me and my friend was playing touch it was very fun because some of the kid’s were to hard to catch

At the end of the day I was very tired and I had a really had a good time and it was fun that I got very excited at the end.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Emmanuel Tyrannosaurus

85 million year ago there lived a
furious dinosaur called Tyrannosaurus it lived in the  

It was the king of the dinosaur.It was deadly predator it lived in the forest to hunt other dinosaur it ruled all the dinosaur.

The Tyrannosaurus-Rex  was  a carnivore because it ate other dinosaur it had teeth like a banana.It’s tail had muscle.

Tyrannosaur has big jaw it can eat 50 pounds of meat it has two thick leg’s its bone is hollow so it can run very a velo

A tyrannosaurus Rex can smell very dwell it can smell from his nose to it’s brain it even has good eyesight because it can smell far away.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Emmanuel Athletic

On Friday me and my whole school went to athletics I was burning because it was like a sun burning down.My First favourite one was the high jump because it was very fun I made it over three high one but  I didn't make it over two. You have to jump over the pole but if you hit your leg’s on the pole and it fell down then you fail.

My second favourite course was the discuss because I can throw it far as  I came second because when I had a second turn and  Made it out.This is what you have to do you have to swing  your hand and  then it fly away and you have to flick your hand’s

My third course was the javelin because  you have to jump and throw it up in the air then it will go flying like a bird.I came first and  came second and Kurtas came third.So this is what you have to do first you have to get a javelin the you  have to go to the gate then you run and throw it in the air.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Emmanuel Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday morning we went on the bus to Sylvia Park to the Hoyt's Because had to watch our manaiakalani.

My favourite item was Manaiakalani Man because it is very funny when he downloaded his video game then suddenly all the internet was off.

My second was the journey Ruapotaka school because  it is  very funny because the school  keep changing kid’s.

But my third favourite manaiakalani item was Law and Order because the police was very funny

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Emmanuel alarmclock


Emmanuel assembly

Walking into the hall we heard Mr Burt shouting out  numbers with a booming voice. He gave  rugby balls for five dollars and the toys for five dollars to.Mr Burt pretend to be a auctioneer. All of the pt England  kids were at the assembly to learn the word of the year.

Next team one had to show there video about  shopping then did a chocolate scramble.Next team two asked stuff about ice cream.But my favourite item was team five because mr barks was acting like a women with a baby monkey.

Next team one had to show there video about  shopping then did a chocolate scramble.Next team two asked stuff about ice cream.But my favourite item was team five because mr barks was acting like a women with a baby monkey.

I thought assembly was very cool because I got a chocolate and all the item was awesome and very amazing for me I was very happy.

Emmanuel Ankylosaurus

A  Ankylosaurus  is stiff lizard.It is a Herbivore because it eat’s lots of plants or they will die because they don't eat that much food.

A  Ankylosaurus is a very strong dinosaur because it is hard to kill because it is very strong.It has a slash hammer the slash hammer is very strong it can kill any dinosaur.

If a predator come to eat the Ankylosaurus the  Ankylosaurus use it’s slash hammer tail to hit it’s predator with it’s tail.It has a spiky armer to protect it’s back.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Emmanuel volleyball

Today me and my class went to volleyball.We had to remember to bend your knee and you have to put your hand down low and dig.

We had to spread our finger tip on the ball we had to try and make triangles with our hand to pass the ball we had to chuck the ball at your partner.

We played a game and this is how you play the it you have to get in groups of three people  one of them have to stand in the front and two people have to throw the ball at the chair then you get points

After we finished we our practice and our game we  had to remember what learned for today kiwi sport.