Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Emmanuel matariki

On matariki day it is are important event for NZ and for matariki new year.People fly kites and have feasts. Tawhiri mate the god of the wind was sad because his brother separated his mother and father so he hurled out his eyes and threw it in the sky then his eyes became the seven stars.Early in the morning at the north east it is hozan.People do dancing and singing to celebrate matariki and visitors come and meet you.At night time people make lots and lots of noise.When it is very dark lots of  family shot fire works and rides on a hot air balloon.


  1. I enjoyed reading your story because it made me laugh hard and smile and it had a lot of detail in it you wrote in paragraphs and used clever words i learnt how to write paragraphs and heaps of clever words i am looking forward to your next blog by hopa

  2. hello Emmanuel hi love the details u added in there it is really cool


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