Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Emmanuel cross country

At school it was cross country.It was a bountiful day.First it was the year one boy’s up to the year eight when it was the year four boy’s turn to run I got nervous because there lots of boy’s tun.

When Mr Burt blew the horn we ran. But there was no older kids to lead the way because we had to follow where the teacher was standing it was very long and I was gasping for breath.I had rest then I ran again.When  I got to the end I was very tired.

Then we had to go and sit down then I was watching the other kid’s run.It was a very hot day but I had a lots of fun running with the kid’s on cross country .At the end at the day my heart was beating and my leg’s was tired.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Emmanuel fire fighter

Fire fighter           
When  a fire fighter goes and they see a fire it is very challenging.They have to be very brave and strong to hold the water hose.Sometimes they save cats from the trees people from dog.They have to train very hard.To go in the burning house or they will die.

What Do Fire fighters Do?
Sometimes they see people stuck in the car so the fire fighter breaks through the car and gets the people out of it.

What DO Fire fighters Wear.
Protecting clothing to keep himself  safe and they wear gloves to take out the burning wood and case there are sharp nails.

As a fire fighter you need to be  hard working.Brave and able to work in a team.  You have to work as a team because you can save people together but if you don't work as a team then others may not survive.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Emmanuel fireman Davaid

On Friday fireman David came to teach us all about the job of being a Fire fighter.

Fire fighters need tools and equipment to do their job properly.The fire truck is like a truck tool box because it has lots of tools on the back.They use a cutter to cut through a car with trapped people in it.  He told us that you have to be strong to hold the hose because it is powerful 
Fireman David explained to us about their training. The  hardest training  is going in the  rat maze because it is very hard and hot.You have to fell the way you are going because if you don't fell where you are going and if you fall of the edge's then you cant be a fire fighter you are out

Fireman David said that if he is going in the burning house he Isn't scared but if someone is not breathing in the house then that is his scared because they are going to die.

To be a fire fighter you need to be fit and strong. Fireman David said that if he is not strong and fit then he will die because he would get stuck in the burning house and he will never get out because is not fit and strong that is  why you have to be fit.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Emmanuel police

If I wanted a job I would choose a policeofficer  because I would want to save people from robbers and give the children back to their  parents. You would need to be strong because if you're not strong then that means you will get from bad guys.
The clothes you would wear Is I would have to wear is a hat and a suit. They also need a gun and a baton to hit some bad guys.  iIf they waste all of the bullets then they can use the baton to whack the robber and put them in jail. A baton has be a hard bat.

If they want to be a police you have to be smart and brainy and they have to show them how smart you are. You also have to know how to drive a car. And you even need a license to drive a car but if you don't that  means  you can’t be a policeofficer. You have to be a good person if you want to be a police officer.