Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Emmanuel fireman Davaid

On Friday fireman David came to teach us all about the job of being a Fire fighter.

Fire fighters need tools and equipment to do their job properly.The fire truck is like a truck tool box because it has lots of tools on the back.They use a cutter to cut through a car with trapped people in it.  He told us that you have to be strong to hold the hose because it is powerful 
Fireman David explained to us about their training. The  hardest training  is going in the  rat maze because it is very hard and hot.You have to fell the way you are going because if you don't fell where you are going and if you fall of the edge's then you cant be a fire fighter you are out

Fireman David said that if he is going in the burning house he Isn't scared but if someone is not breathing in the house then that is his scared because they are going to die.

To be a fire fighter you need to be fit and strong. Fireman David said that if he is not strong and fit then he will die because he would get stuck in the burning house and he will never get out because is not fit and strong that is  why you have to be fit.

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