Thursday, 29 October 2015

Emmanuel writting samle

Today on a beautiful day me and my class went to athletic to do some jumping today  we had only three interesting  task the hopper the hopsicall and the gumboot I felt so excited about the task.

My favourite task was the hopsicall because it was very fun we had to go under and we had to skip one time then we had to hop in the hula hoop it was amazing too.

It was so fun but the hardest one was hoping in the hula hoop because I did not know which one to hop in first but the easiest won was when you had skip.

I was  so tired  going under and skipping. I had a stitch on my hip so I had a deep breath then one of my team came and tagged me so I had to go over  the  hopsicall  again  it was so exiting.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Emmanuel non stop cricket

On thursday class Eleven and Twelve went to non stop cricket.Mr Moran and some of room twelve set up the non stop cricket.Then we had to get out of class.

When we got out of class it was very cold some kids were getting freeze so we had to play non stop cricket first class Eleven was batting and class Twelve was fielding.

It was so fun that we were so hot after class Eleven was batting it was class Twelve turn to bat and it was their turn to field.I hit the ball with all my power it slid across the field