Friday, 19 June 2015

Emmanuel light house

On a treacherous headland there was an old stone lighthouse. It was a starless night and the light on the lighthouse was rotating. In a cosy cottage there were drunk people having a party. The lighthouse keeper was doing his work but he was annoyed by the cheering so he shut the window. Suddenly he heard a clanking noise came and the light turned of.Then a anusul clanking noise came and it plunged into darkness.The keeper went with his lantern to see what was wrong with the wheels but nothing wrong so he got his tools and went to the top of the lighthouse then he went to the enormous lamp.Suddenly he heard a blast of the ship coming dangerously close then the keeper was panicking so he lifted it precariously suddenly stumbled and the lamp shattered in shiny pieces.He was very sad but then he had an idea he ran down stairs to the door then he saw the villages  coming with lanterns and then they filled the lighthouse with the lanterns finely the boat turned lift.

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