Thursday, 17 March 2016


Volcano Narrative: Hook

We have been discussing how to HOOK your reader in your opening paragraph.  Now, let’s try it out using the narrative you wrote in class about the two volcanoes!  

  1. The type of hook that I am going to use is:

  1. Copy and paste the first paragraph of your narrative below.  Then, in a different colour font, change the beginning of your paragraph using the hook you chose above.

START WRITING HERE: Once upon a time in a   far away land there was a iland could the no name  the no name island is could no name because in 1872 there was two old volcanoes that had no name  that's why it was could no name island.

The to volcano with the no name was a strange looking volcano because it looked like it was a human statue because it was a tall volcano it never erup.It just erupt in 1890 it did the bigest erupt in the world.

The  two no name volcano stopped erupting in 1985 the  maori people  went to the island to check out the two volcano then the maori people named  the two volcano.The first volcano was could the god of the lava and the second volcano was could god of the sea.

  1. Click to Make an Appointment to see Mrs. Moala to discuss the changes you have made.  Once your changes have been ok’d, go on to steps 4 and 5.

STOP!! Do not go to Step 4 until Mrs. Moala tells you to.

  1. Copy and paste your new “HOOKed” paragraph and post it on your blog. Title your post HOOKS in Narrative Writing Don’t forget to use labels like:
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  1. Don’t forget to tell your blog readers what you have done above your narrative paragraph!  For example: DO NOT COPY THIS!!
This week in writing, I have been learning to HOOK my readers by using different HOOK strategies in my writing.  I have taken my volcano narrative and spent some time working to add a new HOOK in the opening sentences.  The HOOK I have chosen to try is:    

Emmanuel hooking

Emmanuel rangitoto

Emmanuel hook your audience

mt smart