Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Emmanuel fire fighter

Fire fighter           
When  a fire fighter goes and they see a fire it is very challenging.They have to be very brave and strong to hold the water hose.Sometimes they save cats from the trees people from dog.They have to train very hard.To go in the burning house or they will die.

What Do Fire fighters Do?
Sometimes they see people stuck in the car so the fire fighter breaks through the car and gets the people out of it.

What DO Fire fighters Wear.
Protecting clothing to keep himself  safe and they wear gloves to take out the burning wood and case there are sharp nails.

As a fire fighter you need to be  hard working.Brave and able to work in a team.  You have to work as a team because you can save people together but if you don't work as a team then others may not survive.

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