Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Emmanuel Athletic

On Friday me and my whole school went to athletics I was burning because it was like a sun burning down.My First favourite one was the high jump because it was very fun I made it over three high one but  I didn't make it over two. You have to jump over the pole but if you hit your leg’s on the pole and it fell down then you fail.

My second favourite course was the discuss because I can throw it far as  I came second because when I had a second turn and  Made it out.This is what you have to do you have to swing  your hand and  then it fly away and you have to flick your hand’s

My third course was the javelin because  you have to jump and throw it up in the air then it will go flying like a bird.I came first and  came second and Kurtas came third.So this is what you have to do first you have to get a javelin the you  have to go to the gate then you run and throw it in the air.

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