Thursday, 9 June 2016

Emmanuel super hero

Your Thoughts and Answers:
Are you using the picture as the beginning or ending of your story?
At the end.
fire boy
Rock head.
Other Characters (if any):
Rock head threw fire boy’s brother.
Rock head once to kill fire  boy because he once

To become stronger
If beginning, what could happen next?
Fire boy brother was playing rugby with his friend’s.
If ending, what happened before this scene?
Rock head fighting lava boy.

Start Writing Here:Once upon a time there lived a boy called Sam but when he say’s KA-POW he becomes fire boy.Fire boy has a brother called Jake.Jake has four friend they were playing rugby when a evil villain called rock head Jake and his running for his life in till rock head telaported to him and said I'm going to grip your bones for my breakfast.Then he threw Jake of a cliff when Sam saw his brother falling and the he said KA-POW and transformed into fire and flew to rescue and put him to safety when they landed safely rock head burst into anger and ran to attack  then fire boy sliced rock head’s hand of but it wouldn't work because he was to strong.Rock head punched fire boy far away and the he grabbed  Jake on the neck and choked him.Suddenly out of know where fire boy speed punch came and punched rock head to the ground and made a loud bang noise.Then fire boy did one of his dangerous moves and melted rock head to black steam.Fire boy went to his brother and gave him a big hug  AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER:THE END

WALT: this year we a learning about comic art


  1. Emmanuel, you have a nice beginning to your story here but I know you can do better! Please be sure that you are using your time wisely so you are not rushed when working on your assignments.

  2. Vaasili Uili-Vaasili22 June 2016 at 21:09

    Interesting story son. Wouldn't another part to read to this story. Keep up the hard work. Very proud of you son. Love Dad


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