Friday, 15 May 2015

Emmanuel marshmallow monster

On a cloudy starless night a small little lonely boy was sitting on a long log by himself.

Suddenly  Jimmy heard a noise then he turned around and saw a slimy  green monster

Trying to defend  himself Jimmy held a marshmallow on a stick out straight like a weapon. Suddenly the monster transformed into a performing dog and ate the marshmallow. The monster did dog  tricks to get more marshmallows.

Then Jimmy went searching in the bag for a marshmallow but there was only one more.Jimmy pulled out the last marshmallow then the monster slurped up the last marshmallow and Jimmy's hand.

The monster waited expectantly for another marshmallow but there was no more than the monster reverted to a monster then Jimmy ran away but he fell on the ground.

But luckily he grabbed the pillow but the monster transformed to the marshmallow monster and then the boy threw the pillow and ran to the woods. The monster went to the fire but the pillow got burned then the monster got sad.

the End

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  1. It is great you have got this published Emmanuel. It is good you have tried to use some of the vocabulary as well. Maybe next time you could try and have a few more interesting beginnings to your sentences.


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