Friday, 6 May 2016

Emmanuel Immersion assembly

Recount: Immersion Assembly

WALT: Write a recount using an amazing hook and detailed orientation.

Step 1: Brainstorm
Use the graphic organiser below to brainstorm what you remember about the

Step 2: Organise
Use the graphic organiser to help you to organise your thoughts before you
begin writing.

Step 3: Write It!  
Begin writing your rough draft below.  Remember to use:
  1. transition words: 2. past tense: 3. first person:
First, At first, went I
Next, Initially, saw We
Soon, Once we, painted Our
During, Once I, clapped My
After, At last, danced
Later, Finally, drew

Immersion Assembly Term 2

On Monday we went to Immersion assembly that means when all the  teacher show their video. When it was team 4 it was cool because their video was about superhero the bad guy was bear bextine he went into the classroom and stole bobby John net book.

Suddenly two superhero saw bear bextine they went to stop him but they failed to stop him.When the teacher venger saw bear bextine and they won the fight.

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