Monday, 9 May 2016

Emmanuel tuia Dictogloss


I will be reading a text to you three different times.  Make sure that you are listening carefully.  Pay special attention to where you believe punctuation (full stops, commas, question marks, quotations) should go.

Reading #1: Just listen.  

Reading #2: Take notes.  Then, with a partner, use your notes to rewrite the text that was read to you.

Reading #3: Take notes again, but this time listen carefully for things you missed in your reconstruct.

Now that you have listened to the text three times, use your notes to reconstruct the text below. Bang the door slams as I fall in the house.The whooshing of the wind can be heard through the wall.Clink clink  clink hail begins to  fall against the windows making  my head spin.If only I wasn't

Alone.Crash hello is anyone there?” I call into the darkness.When all of a sudden Mums spotted cat comes tearing across the kitchen floor  into my arms.purr purr I'm glad I have someone is home to great me.

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